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Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath. He has been called the father of observational astronomy, modern-era classical physics, the scientific method, and modern science.

Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy, on February 15, 1564. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Pisa, and then taught mathematics at the University of Pisa and the University of Padua.

In 1609, Galileo heard about a telescope that had been invented in the Netherlands. He built his own telescope, and used it to make a number of important astronomical discoveries, including the four largest moons of Jupiter.

Galileo's support for the Copernican theory of the universe brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church. He was put on trial by the Inquisition in 1633, and was forced to recant his support for the Copernican theory.

Galileo died in Arcetri, Italy, on January 8, 1642. He is considered one of the most important scientists in history.

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.

Galileo Galilei

 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.

Galileo Galilei

I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him.

Galileo Galilei

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

Galileo Galilei

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