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As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.

Leonardo da Vinci

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Looking for an quote about your favorite subject? You will find on this page a collection of the best and most famous quotes and sayings collected and classed by topics : Quotes about life, Quotes about motivation and success, Happiness, Quotes about change, Love ...

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Quotes & sayings about Education

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Quotes & sayings about Faith

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Funny Quotes that will make you laugh

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Top Quotes on Happiness

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Best Quotes on Hope

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Humor & Funny Quotes that's Make You Laugh

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Knowledge wisdom quotes in english

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Beautiful Inspirational Quotes about Life

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Quotes about Life Lessons and Mistakes

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Best of Cute & Short love quotes

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Motivational Quotes & Sayings

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Best Relationships Quotes & Sayings

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Science Quotes by Famous Scientists of all time

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Inspirational Quotes to Inspire Success in Your Life

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Famous Quotes about Time

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Truth Quotes & Sayings From Books

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