100+ Truth Quotes & Sayings

100+ Truth Quotes & Sayings


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 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.

There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.

Leo Tolstoy

 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : The best lies were always mixed with truth.

The best lies were always mixed with truth.

Sarah J. Maas

 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.

Abraham Lincoln

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them

Harold J. Smith

There are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened.

Harold Pinter

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives

John Lennon

 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : The truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is.

The truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is.

Nadine Gordimer

You are the Truth from foot to brow. Now, what else would you like to know?


It takes a certain ingenuous faith - but I have it - to believe that people who read and reflect more likely than not come to judge things with liberality and truth.

A.C. Grayling

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.

A.W. Tozer

Each star is a mirror reflecting the truth inside you.


Nothing forces us to knowWhat we do not want to knowExcept pain


One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths.

Al David

I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

Al Pacino

Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable.

Albert Camus

Man is always prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them.

Albert Camus

I believe that Gandhi’s views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time. We should strive to do things in his spirit: not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil.

Albert Einstein

The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth.

Albert Einstein

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

Albert Einstein

Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.

Albert Schweitzer

I ate civilization. It poisoned me; I was defiled. And then," he added in a lower tone, "I ate my own wickedness".

Aldous Huxley

Philosophy cannot be taught; it is the application of the sciences to truth.

Alexandre Dumas

No matter what you do, someone always knew you would.

Ami McKay

I'd rather hear an ugly truth, rather than an obscure lie.

Ana Monnar

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.

André Gide

I cannot love a man who cannot protect me.

Anne Brontë

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley

Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.

Aldous Huxley

You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. "One word of truth outweighs the world."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I found power in accepting the truth of who I am. It may not be a truth that others can accept, but I cannot live any other way. How would it be to live a lie every minute of your life.

Alison Goodman

It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth.

Ally Carter

Crying can bring relief, as long as you don't cry alone.

Anne Frank

Never do anything that you can't admit doing, because if you are that ashamed of whatever it is, it's probably wrong.

Ashly Lorenzana

We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.

B.W. Powe

Because even though the truth can set you free, that doesn't mean it won't be painful.

Ally Carter

Every decent con man knows that the simplest truth is more powerful than even the most elaborate lie.

Ally Carter

My mom said I was an escapist at heart.... that I preferred imaginary worlds to the real one

Amy Plum

There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.

Anaïs Nin

Interviewer: Didn't Sagan want to believe?Druyan: he didn't want to believe. he wanted to know.

Ann Druyan

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