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Hugh Downs was an American radio and television broadcaster, announcer, television host, news anchor, TV producer, author, game show host, and music composer.

He was born in Akron, Ohio on February 14, 1921.

He began his career in radio in the 1940s and moved to television in the 1950s.

He was the announcer/sidekick for Tonight Starring Jack Paar from 1957 to 1962, co-host of the NBC News program Today from 1962 to 1971, host of the Concentration game show from 1958 to 1969, and anchor of the ABC News magazine 20/20 from 1978 to 1999.

He was a regular television presence from the mid 1940s until the late 1990s, and had several successful roles on morning, prime-time, and late-night television.

For several years he held the certified Guinness World Record for the most hours on commercial network television before being surpassed by Regis Philbin.

He died on July 1, 2020, at the age of 99.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

Hugh Downs

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