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Edna Mode is a fictional character in the Pixar animated superhero film The Incredibles (2004) and its sequel Incredibles 2 (2018). She is an eccentric fashion designer renowned for designing the costumes of several famous superheroes, having worked particularly closely with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl (Bob and Helen Parr), with whom she has maintained a strong friendship.

* Edna is a half-Japanese, half-German, short fashion designer, and auteur.
* She is known for calling everyone "Dahling" ("darling").
* Edna is highly accomplished at her craft and as demanding of others as she is of herself.
* She despises supermodels, "Spoilt, silly little stick figures", partly because they are too limiting.
* Edna is a close friend of the Parr family and has designed their costumes for many years.
* She is a brilliant designer and her costumes are both stylish and functional.
* Edna is also a bit of a recluse and prefers to work from her home.
* She is a complex and fascinating character who is both loved and feared by the superheroes she dresses.

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