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Jeanne d'Arc was born in 1412 in Domrémy, France.
* She was a peasant girl who claimed to have visions from God.
* She led the French army to victory over the English at the Siege of Orléans in 1429.
* She was captured by the English and burned at the stake in 1431.
* She was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church in 1920.
* She is considered a national hero in France.
* Her story has been told in many books, movies, and plays.
* She is a symbol of courage, faith, and patriotism.
* She is an inspiration to people all over the world.

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I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

Jeanne d'Arc

One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.

Jeanne d'Arc

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