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Quotes and sayings about tag  men


Forget men, I want to marry my MacBook. It’s dependable, reliable and you can even go shopping with it.

Alexandra Potter

Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.

Bill Maher

It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells... to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.

Dave Barry

It's good to let God pick a man for you. We don't do so well when we pick them ourselves. They end up lipsticks in a drawer, all those wrong colors you thought looked so good in the package.

Deb Caletti

I require three things in a man: he must be handsome, ruthless, and stupid.

Dorothy Parker

No matter what dimension you're in, there's a big-headed male trying to take over the world.

Eoin Colfer

Show me a woman who doesn't feel guilty and I'll show you a man.

Erica Jong

I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.

Frank O'Hara

Yes, men are pigs. Except your brother, of course. He's actually a decent human being. Almost a woman.-Jillian's mother

Gena Showalter

Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

George Carlin

You're only a man! You've not our gifts! I can tell you! Why, a woman can think of a hundred different things at once, all them contradictory!

Georgette Heyer

He doesn’t have to love your CD collection. He doesn’t have to love your shoes. But any good, mature guy better make an attempt to love your friends and family—especially when they’re great.

Greg Behrendt

When it comes to men, deal with them as they are, not how you’d like them to be.

Greg Behrendt

Can officially confirm that the way to a man's heart these days is not through beauty, food, sex, or alluringness of character, but merely the ability to seem not very interested in him.

Helen Fielding

Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you're in the wrong house, that's what it means.

Henny Youngman

Men are jealous of every woman, even when they don’t have the slightest interest in her themselves.

Jan Neruda

Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands. I will not allow books to prove anything.

Jane Austen

Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.

Joseph Fort Newton

It's not the men in your life that matters, it's the life in your men.

Mae West

Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can't figure out what from.

Mae West

Women speak because they wish to speak, whereas a man speaks only when driven to speak by something outside himself-like, for instance, he can't find any clean socks.

Jean Kerr

You have to be very fond of men. Very, very fond. You have to be very fond of them to love them. Otherwise they're simply unbearable.

Marguerite Duras

What would men be without women? Scarce, sir...mighty scarce.

Mark Twain

I know enough to know that no woman should ever marry a man who hated his mother.

Martha Gellhorn

I think when men hear that women want a commitment, they think it means commitment to a romantic relationship, but that's not it. It's a commitment to not floating around anywhere. I want a guy who is entrenched in his own life.

Mindy Kaling

Do you really believe ... that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident.

Moderata Fonte

Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men.

Neil Gaiman

Basically, all women are nurturers and healers, and all men are mental patients to varying degrees.

Nelson DeMille

After all, a woman who doesn't love cats is never going to be make a man happy.

Orhan Pamuk

I like men who have a future and women who have a past.

Oscar Wilde

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