Quotes and sayings about tag  #fear

Quotes and sayings about tag  fear


Knowing was a temptation. What you don't know won't tempt you.

Margaret Atwood

What does it mean if i'm afraid? Does it mean something bad is going to happen? No, it doesn't mean something bad is going to happen. It just means that you have the chance to be brave.

C. JoyBell C.

Without fear there cannot be courage.

Christopher Paolini

It's not at all hard to understand a person; it's only hard to listen without bias.

Criss Jami

I am afraid. Not of life, or death, or nothingness, but of wasting it as if I had never been.

Daniel Keyes

Do not be afraid; our fateCannot be taken from us; it is a gift.

Dante Alighieri

Sometimes when you least expect it, the tables turn and that scary feeling that has taken hold of you for so long somehow turns into hope

David Archuleta

...I started to realize how many great things could happen by confronting the things that scare you most.

David Archuleta

I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change... I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back....

Erica Jong

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.

Francis Chan

We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.

François de La Rochefoucauld

He is terribly afraid of dying because he hasn’t yet lived.

Franz Kafka

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

H.L. Mencken

When we are unhurried and wise, we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence, that petty fears and petty pleasures are but the shadow of the reality.

Henry David Thoreau

But you cant shut everyone out. I mean you have to have someone to love. . .someone to hold on to. . . someone--

Hubert Selby Jr.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Jack Canfield

You can only be afraid of what you think you know.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.

John Steinbeck

There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.

Katerina Stoykova Klemer

it always sound scarier when a hollerer talk soft.

Kathryn Stockett

He was afraid of defiling the love which filled his soul.

Leo Tolstoy

The problem, of course, was that [he] saw the world in black and white. And he got to decide what was black and what was white. You can't love a person who lives that way without fearing him too. Maybe even hating him a little.

Khaled Hosseini

Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - frightened you'll slip away.


It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.

Mandy Hale

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.

Marcus Aurelius

Child, it's a very bad thing for a woman to face the worst that can happen to her, because after she's faced the worst she can't ever really fear anything again. ...Scarlett, always save something to fear— even as you save something to love...

Margaret Mitchell

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Marie Curie

 inspirational quotes - Image for quote : May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

Nelson Mandela

I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.

Oprah Winfrey

For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces.

Osamu Dazai

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