Quotes and sayings about tag  #on-fiction

Quotes and sayings about tag  on-fiction


A good story is always more dazzling than a broken piece of truth.

Diane Setterfield

There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth.

Doris Lessing

Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.

G.K. Chesterton

Fiction was invented the day Jonah arrived home and told his wife that he was three days late because he had been swallowed by a whale..

Gabriel García Márquez

Tis strange,-but true; for truth is always strange;Stranger than fiction: if it could be told,How much would novels gain by the exchange!How differently the world would men behold!

George Gordon Byron

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

Jessamyn West

Fiction is art and art is the triumph over chaos… to celebrate a world that lies spread out around us like a bewildering and stupendous dream.

John Cheever

Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.

Khaled Hosseini

Men are more interesting in books than they are in real life.

Mary Ann Shaffer

One always has a better book in one's mind than one can manage to get onto paper.

Michael Cunningham

A good book isn't written, it's rewritten.

Phyllis A. Whitney

Neither novels or their readers benefit from any attempts to divine whether any facts hide inside a story. Such efforts attack the very idea that made-up stories can matter, which is sort of the foundational assumption of our species.

John Green

if something is there, you can only see it with your eyes open, but if it isn't there, you can see it just as well with your eyes closed. That's why imaginary things are often easier to see than real ones.

Norton Juster

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

That's what fiction is for. It's for getting at the truth when the truth isn't sufficient for the truth.

Tim O'Brien

A lie, sometimes, can be truer than the truth, which is why fiction gets written.

Tim O'Brien

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