50 Education Quotes for Students & Teachers

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Education open & expand your mind, and allow you to improve your life in many ways.

Teachers are leaders and a facilitators of positive growth. With students spending most of working hours, every day provides students with the opportunity to gain new insights, expand knowledge to create innovative solutions.

We’ve compiled some of the most inspiring quotes on education. Enjoy.


I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.
–Agatha Christie


There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance.
–Ali ibn Abi Talib


Education, n. That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding.
–Ambrose Bierce


A woman with an education may be able to spend more time sitting in a chair instead of lying on her back. A sound advantage, I should think.
–Anne Bishop


The only things you learn are the things you tame
–Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.


The learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot.
–Audre Lorde


Power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind.
–Ayn Rand


Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.
–Barry Finlay


There will be no mass-based feminist movement as long as feminist ideas are understood only by a well-educated few.
–bell hooks



In the little world in which children have their existence, whosoever brings them up, there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt as injustice.
–Charles Dickens


Why do I do anything?' she says. 'I'm educated enough to talk myself out of any plan. To deconstruct any fantasy. Explain away any goal. I'm so smart I can negate any dream.
–Chuck Palahniuk


Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.


My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.
–Dylan Thomas


All of life is a constant education.
–Eleanor Roosevelt


Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing. The rest is mere sheep herding.
–Ezra Pound


Proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you have always known.
–Frank Herbert


Education...has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.
–George Macaulay Trevelyan


There are few things more pathetic than those who have lost their curiosity and sense of adventure, and who no longer care to learn.
–Gordon B. Hinckley


Ask yourself: 'Do I feel the need to laminate?' Then teaching is for you.
–Gordon Korman


When you take the time to actually listen, with humility, to what people have to say, it's amazing what you can learn. Especially if the people who are doing the talking also happen to be children.
–Greg Mortenson


The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any.
–Hannah Arendt


The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.
–Harry Truman


I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.
–Helen Keller


What does education often do? It makes a straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook.
–Henry David Thoreau


People think of education as something they can finish.
–Isaac Asimov


School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.
–Ivan Illich


You can't stop a teacher when they want to do something. They just do it.
–J.D. Salinger


The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves
–Joseph Campbell


Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.
–Joseph Stalin


Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.
–Ken Robinson


The purpose of education is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it
–Lawrence M. Krauss


To educate the peasantry, three things are needed: schools, schools and schools.
–Leo Tolstoy


I don't want revenge on the Taliban, I want education for sons and daughters of the Taliban.
–Malala Yousafzai


With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.
–Malala Yousafzai


He believed that lack of education was the root of all of Pakistan’s problems. Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be re-elected.
–Malala Yousafzai


The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
–Malcolm Forbes


Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.
–Maria Montessori


I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.
–Martin Luther King Jr.


Often, a school is your best bet-perhaps not for education but certainly for protection from an undead attack.
–Max Brooks


Public education was not founded to give society what it wants. Quite the opposite.
–May Sarton



It is clearly absurd to limit the term 'education' to a person's formal schooling.
–Murray N. Rothbard


Teachers are the one and only people who save nations.
–Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


One cannot expect positive results from an educational or political action program which fails to respect the particular view of the world held by the people. Such a program constitutes cultural invasion, good intentions notwithstanding.
–Paulo Freire


The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson


The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained and he only holds the key to his own secret.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson


A teacher who loves learning earns the right and the ability to help others learn.
–Ruth Beechick


By 20, you should be smart. By 30, you should be strong. By 40, you should be rich. By 50, you should be wise. But if you are smart, strong, rich and wise, you don't need any age limits.
–Santosh Kalwar


On ne naît pas femme: on le devient.
–Simone de Beauvoir


She got on with her education. In her opinion, school kept on trying to interfere with it.
–Terry Pratchett


There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.
–Thomas Jefferson


Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education.
–Victor Hugo


Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing
–Warren Buffett


When you study great teachers... you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.
–William Glasser


Rewards and punishment is the lowest form of education.


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