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Knowledge wisdom quotes in english


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He was twenty. I remembered twenty. I'd known everything at twenty. It took me another year to realize I knew nothing. I was still hoping to learn something before I hit thirty, but I wasn't holding my breath.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Knowing was a temptation. What you don't know won't tempt you.

Margaret Atwood

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

Robertson Davies

Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.

Audre Lorde

Small minds have always lashed out at what they don't understand.

Dan Brown

A little learning is a dangerous thing.Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring;There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,and drinking largely sobers us again.

Alexander Pope

Knowledge is a tool, and like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user.

Dan Brown

Great minds are always feared by lesser minds.

Dan Brown

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.

Alexander Pope

Knowledge grows exponentially. The more we know, the greater our ability to learn, and the faster we expand our knowledge base.

Dan Brown

The power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.

Dan Brown

Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago.

Horace Mann

It was better to know the worst than to wonder.

Margaret Mitchell

Knowledge is the ultimate weapon. It always has been.

Jim Butcher

When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms. When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates. When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit. When knowledge is lit, economy flourishes.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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