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Truth  quotes and sayings


Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.

Friedrich Nietzsche

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them

Harold J. Smith

[I]t is the wine that leads me on,the wild winethat sets the wisest man to singat the top of his lungs,laugh like a fool – it drives theman to dancing... it eventempts him to blurt out storiesbetter never told.


You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are.

Joss Whedon

All children mythologise their birth. It is a universal trait. You want to know someone? Heart, mind and soul? Ask him to tell you about when he was born. What you get won’t be the truth: it will be a story. And nothing is more telling than a story.

Diane Setterfield

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