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Quotes & sayings about Faith


According to Joyce Meyer : Trust and faith bring joy to life and help relationships grow to their maximum potential. May these quotes inspire you to have Faith on your daily life

Reason is in fact the path to faith, and faith takes over when reason can say no more.

Thomas Merton

Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.

Mike Norton

The deep roots never doubt spring will come.

Marty Rubin

We live in a culture that has, for centuries now, cultivated the idea that the skeptical person is always smarter than one who believes. You can almost be as stupid as a cabbage as long as you doubt.

Dallas Willard

Head up, heart open. To better days!

T.F. Hodge

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